Tuesday, August 24, 2010

This should never change

In the morning , when the sun shines in I renew my vows and I stay w/you! It's a good thing, we've had so many mornings. It's a good thing , I have with you!
There's no guessing or worrying what your going to do. You know me and i know you. The confliction is true, but it's not us. It's what they see!

We both get a little crazy every now and then, but. We both know this will never end!
We have seen it all through thick and thin. What others have dodged ,we have battled through!

So in the morning light, when the sun shines in, you renew your vows and you stay with me!
I can do it w/out thought is so easy to see. Why don't they all just let it be, and make it about Life the way its supposed to be.

Another day goes by. I awake in the morning when the sun comes in. I renew my vows, and I stay w/ you

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Mirror

A mirror shows true reflections, "we know what we see."

We have been raised to think and believe this to be the "one" and only truth!

But alas once the mirror has been shattered. The truth is more complex than most will accept.

The truth you think you see, is not the same truth that I choose to see!

Because you see, in reality. We all choose to see what we see.

We all see a different reflection and call it reality! We know what we see.