Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bag of dreams.

Yesterdays dreams never came through , I guess I'll put em in the bag I call fantasies.
Tomorrow is too late, the only time is now . That's why I keep that little bag of fantasies.

I bring it out from time to time. Just to see the difference.

Sometimes I share the dream with friends. Sometimes with people I don't even know, that look like they need my old dream.

It's just my collection of hopes and dreams, that I do love to share! When I have the time I will accomplish them all. Death himself has given me his word to fulfill these, with nothing in return.

So they say the dream never dies so they say
So they say the dream never dies so they say
so they say so they say so they say?

Friday, April 1, 2011

Return to the Mirror

Is it time to go back to mirror and really see?

That person you haven't known for years? There's no turning back and starting all over. It was in the brochure, it was in the contract! Read the fine print, avoid the lawsuits. Grow a soul!

We all change in time. Following our best intentions for family. Somewhere we lost focus, never really sold our souls. Simply forgot our main goals.

The rest is history, no-one really cares. They will repeat what we did and teach the same. At least we got this far!

Freedom of Thought

I feel the need for comfort in a loved ones arms. It's us against this thing we call life. We all struggle from time to time. But alas at the end of day, I feel accomplished with you in my life

You are my reason for being here, yes you are to blame. Your love made me this way. You may never see it, but you were worth the cost of knowing you! I merely traded my soul for you.

The profit I earned from knowing you was well worth it. You let me flourish and just be me! You showed me the way to help others set themselves free

I will die with you as my friend!