Thursday, December 30, 2010

The bird of Prey

Waiting for nothing again. Seems to happen, all to often. Locked in this cage again. Seems to happen all to often!
Just sitting here perched, like a bird of prey!
but nothing is around at all. Might just go insane!

But out of nowhere she walks by. Not realizing my presence.
She is now my prey!

I spread my wings and take to flight. I swoop down in a failed attempt, alas she was well aware of my intentions all along.

As her talons grip tight into me, I realize too late. She too is a bird of prey!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

I think I understand it all now!

The more I see , the more I think. The more I think I understand it all!
Sometimes emotions get in the way, and we don't really see what we really need to be seeing!
Emotions get in the way, they block our feeble thoughts, to go our way.
We refuse to see the bigger picture of what it really is.
Break it all down to simple life, you see it from a different view.
It's ok as long you and I still can agree. We will always be stuck together!

And now I understand it all
And now I understand it all
I know just why I love you!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Your all I got this night , so lets just make it happen.

Your pissed at him and she hates me. She's comatose so lets make this happen.

It's just for fun while their on the run does it really matter?

Years ago and far away , thats how we lived from day to day.
Does it Really matter?

Tain't like you were living on the pole and i was livin in the ditch.
Does it really matter?

Your all mine tonight. I will treat you right. Like we have always been.
Does it really matter?

I forgive you , you forgive me back . That's what we do and go back for more!

Does it really matter? well you tell me!
Does it really matter? well you tell me
What you need me to be?

I have been him so many times . I forgot who i was ..... that guy no-one really knew just a loner who married you!
Does it really Matter!

Really matter, we have done so well. So far my friend.
No-one will ever know how much ya really mean to me!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

This should never change

In the morning , when the sun shines in I renew my vows and I stay w/you! It's a good thing, we've had so many mornings. It's a good thing , I have with you!
There's no guessing or worrying what your going to do. You know me and i know you. The confliction is true, but it's not us. It's what they see!

We both get a little crazy every now and then, but. We both know this will never end!
We have seen it all through thick and thin. What others have dodged ,we have battled through!

So in the morning light, when the sun shines in, you renew your vows and you stay with me!
I can do it w/out thought is so easy to see. Why don't they all just let it be, and make it about Life the way its supposed to be.

Another day goes by. I awake in the morning when the sun comes in. I renew my vows, and I stay w/ you

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Mirror

A mirror shows true reflections, "we know what we see."

We have been raised to think and believe this to be the "one" and only truth!

But alas once the mirror has been shattered. The truth is more complex than most will accept.

The truth you think you see, is not the same truth that I choose to see!

Because you see, in reality. We all choose to see what we see.

We all see a different reflection and call it reality! We know what we see.

Monday, July 12, 2010

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