Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Something has been taken from me, that can never be returned. My youth, my innocence, my faith in fellow man! I thought we were beyond this point, but alas some will never understand.
It wasn't worth anything to anyone-one else, should have just let it be. The gift of knowledge brings forth so many things unrealized, such as greed and manipulation and worse.
So for now i retreat back into my metabolic depression. For you see the spring will come come and bring forth new life to teach as we see.
It is as it has always been. Rise and fall.Birth and death. They are one in the same, happening repeatedly and at times simultaneously.
oh it does help to tap your foot to keep the time.yes it does, once the time is lost you fall back into reality. The times have changed your still unaware. The way its now and has been forever will never change. Time can not stand still.

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